16 mai 2015 6 16 /05 /mai /2015 04:03

Une vidéo du développement en cours de la McLaren MP4-12C GT3 du Mod FIA GT3 pour rFactor 2...

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14 mai 2015 4 14 /05 /mai /2015 08:27

Image Space Incorporated vient de mettre à disposition la Palatov Motorsport D4 pour rFactor 2.


La Palatov D4 est une voiture de course conçu pour permettre aux amateurs de connaître l'ivresse de la compétition à un moindre coût.

rFactor 2 : Palatov Motorsport D4 disponible !
rFactor 2 : Palatov Motorsport D4 disponible !
rFactor 2 : Palatov Motorsport D4 disponible !
rFactor 2 : Palatov Motorsport D4 disponible !

Caratcéristiques et crédits :

The tire sets are named:

Sim Lasting Compound Set: Set of 3 compounds for MP purposes (more wear and degradation than the real tires).
Long Lasting Compound Set: Set of 3 compounds for testing real car (real wear and degradation).

Each compound offers the following choices. Hoosier R DOT, Hoosier Racing Slick and Hoosier Wet. The sets differ in wear and degradation.

ISI also created three engines for the car by use of real dyno data and advice by Mr. Dennis Palatov.

Engine options:

Hayabusa 2015 1.3L inline-4 engine, 174.5 P.S. @ 9750 rpm, 150 Nm @ 7250 rpm, normal aspirated, that equips the Track day and is available as an option for the Custom Class.
Hayabusa 2015 Turbo Stage I 1.3L inline-4 engine, 226.1 P.S. @ 9800 rpm, 195 Nm @ 7750 rpm, that is available as option for the Custom Class only.
Hayabusa 2015 Turbo Stage II 1.3L inline-4 engine, larger radiator, 351.6 P.S. @ 10250 rpm, 283 Nm @ 8100 rpm, that equips the Hillclimb and is available as an option for the Custom Class.

The development team tried to calibrate the force feedback to accurately resemble the response of the real car. It is stated that it will take a little time to get used to.


3D remake and new spare parts by Alessio Contardi & Chris “redapg”
Original driver and driver/steering wheel animation by Alex Coutie
Skins, Helmet & Suit by LcR & Juergen-BY
New engine physics by Nicola Acciarri RFE and Chris “redapg”
New native turbine by Chris “redapg” & Nicola Acciarri RFE
Physic Consultants: Nicola Acciarri RFE & Chris “redapg”
Promo Video by Racefreak1976
Graphic, Physic and overall structure by Slow Motion RFE

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10 mai 2015 7 10 /05 /mai /2015 14:11

Il y a une semaine, désolé pour le retard mais il n'est jamais trop tard pour bien faire, Image Space Incorporated mettait à disposition l'AC 427 de 1966 pour rFactor 2.


Au programme, deux versions différentes : une avec des pneumatiques pour la piste et l'autre avec des gommes plus civilisées.

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10 mai 2015 7 10 /05 /mai /2015 13:34

L'équipe de Modding UnitedRacingDesign prépare actuellement le Mod Corvette C7.R (du Mod payant Enudrance Racing X) pour rFactor 2.


Ce véhicule, contrairement aux autres, sera gratuit, permettant ainsi aux SimRacers de se faire une idée de la qualité des développements de l'équipe de Modding.

rFactor 2 Mod Corvette C7.R (Endurance Racing X) en préparation
rFactor 2 Mod Corvette C7.R (Endurance Racing X) en préparation
rFactor 2 Mod Corvette C7.R (Endurance Racing X) en préparation
rFactor 2 Mod Corvette C7.R (Endurance Racing X) en préparation

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10 mai 2015 7 10 /05 /mai /2015 13:00

En mars dernier, l'équipe de Modding EnduRacers mettait à disposition le troisième et dernier Service Pack du célèbre Mod Endurace Series pour rFactor.


Comme annoncé précédemment, l'équipe va maintenant développer le Mod sur rFactor 2 et en raison de la grande diversité des modèles, un plan global a été déterminé.


L'équipe sortira d'abord un Mod pour un véhicule : le Flat GT3, comprendra qui le voudra la référence à une marque allemande très connue qui ne plaisante pas avec les licences. Il s'ensuivra les GT et LMP2.


Les LMP1 seront pour plus tard car, pour le moment, c'est un sujet complexe sur rFactor 2 en raison des systèmes hybrides.


A suivre...

rFactor 2 Mod Endurance Series en préparation
rFactor 2 Mod Endurance Series en préparation

Le communiqué Enduracers (en anglais) :

As announced for the platform unveilment, we’ve decided to work step by step to add and release our content, in order to learn rF2. In consequences, some features may not be able on the first releases (for example, the turbo implementation on the turbo engines).

About models, as announced the first car released will be the Flat6 GT3, winthin the Flat6 series mod, coming as standalone. Then, the Endurance Series mod will be introduced in multiple releases, adding cars (and features) progressively in each new build. We can already confirm you the cars of the first release :

LMP2 – Oreca 03 (Specs to be announced later)
LMP2 – Zytek (Specs to be announced later)
GTE – Aston Martin V8 Vantage (new model)
GTE – BMW M3 E92
GTE – Corvette C6R (courtesy of ISI)
GTE – Ferrari F430 GT (using GTE rules physics)
GTE – Porsche 997 RSR (using GTE rules physics)
GTC – Flat6 GT3

As you can see, our first decision is to focus the mod step by step on newer categories, like GTE in replacement of GT2. In addition, we want the mod core to be playabe since the first release with homogenic classes to allow online races and championships. This is why for exemple we are including in the first release “old” models like the Ferrari F430 and the Porsche 997, with a choice to develop physics based on GTE regulations instead of GT2.

The next releases will be featuring LMP2 class cars (lists to be announced in the future) and GTE class cars (replacement of the F430 and the 997 RSR by more recent models). We will focus on these 2 categories first. About LMP1 cars, no choice is made today, mainly due to the workload engaged to produce the core of the mod first, we will announce decisions later. In addition, it is not possible for us to develop new generation LMP1 since no game at this moment is able to simulate Hybrid engines technology. About GT1 cars, the decision is made that rF1 cars won’t be ported over the rF2 version of the Endurance Series mod, but that does not mean we abandon this category and the created models.

Hope these information are clear for you, we are exited to deliver the rF2 releases for you, for free ! As usual, no need to ask for release dates.

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26 avril 2015 7 26 /04 /avril /2015 07:51

Les développement en cours pour rFactor 2 avec la mise en vidéo de l'AC 427 et le circuit Portugal.


Tim Wheatley, d'Image Space Incorporated, précise qu'il s'agit d'une version finale de l'AC 427 alors que le circuit Portugal est toujours en cous de développement.

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12 avril 2015 7 12 /04 /avril /2015 07:50

Pour continuer ce qui a été réalisé avec Sepang il y a peu, Image Space Incorporated vient de partager quelques images du circuit d'Estoril dont la mise à jour est en cours de développement...

rFactor 2 : images d'Estoril
rFactor 2 : images d'Estoril
rFactor 2 : images d'Estoril

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7 avril 2015 2 07 /04 /avril /2015 10:31

Image Space Incorporated vient de mettre à disposition Karts version 1.14 pour rFactor 2 ! 

rFactor 2 : Karts 1.14 disponible !

Notes de version (en anglais) :

v1.14 Changlog:
Physics (both Karts)
– New tires which have enabled the contact patch model for the first time.
– Added new wet weather variables for tires.
– Numerous AI correlation tweaks. AI warm tires quicker, wear slower and more evenly (F/R).
– Reduced inertia for wheels and engine. The wheels were set conservatively due to instability, an issue which new, more accurate tires have are the result.
– Reduced axle and gearbox friction to what should be a more accurate level.
– Softened undertray collision points which makes the kart more realistic and controllable over tall curbs.
– Fixed geometry bug that went unnoticed that was caused by a build bug fix (which was improperly defined in the previous kart release, and has been corrected for Builds 860 and newer).
– Tweak to reduce some ‘hopping’ experienced in certain extreme situations.
Physics Junior Kart specific
– Engine engine has more low end torque. Combined with other changes, it now accelerates a lot better from standstill.
Physics KartF1 specific
– Increased grip to correspond better with the class of tyre this is simulating.
– Changed category name in-sim from ‘Kart Cup’ to ‘Karts’.
– Camera offset to match steering wheel.
– Updated shaders
– Updated textures
– Minor 3D fixes

The contact patch model is still not fully complete, but at a sufficient point now. It is still lacking some lateral and longitudinal variability due to temperature / pressure and the lat/long deflections are still slightly over sensitive under extreme conditions when patch is extremely small. The vertical deflections are considered accurate. We will release more details soon.

There are also some setup adjustments not yet available in the UI. An update will follow.

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5 avril 2015 7 05 /04 /avril /2015 10:09

Image Space Incorporated vient de rendre disponible pour nouvelle version (1.58) du circuit Malaysia Sepang pour rFactor 2 !

rFactor 2 circuit Malaysia Sepang 1.58 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :

Changelog for v1.58s (from v1.43)

Increased road mesh density on South Loop
Added RealRoad tech to curbs
Remapped RaceGroove
Added special sign
Re-conformed painted stripes
Cleaned up and improved road art
Improved road and terrain materials
Improved barrier materials
Improved vegetation textures and materials
Replaced seats with more recent artwork
Removed negative mip map bias on all key materials
Optimized access roads meshes
Optimized fence textures and materials
Optimized shadow casters
Optimized reflections
Optimized terrain materials a little bit
Optimized scene by removing a lot of non-essential objects
Grouped objects for better batching to cure stutters
Fixed about 100 micrographs in terrain
Fixed armco collision glitch
Fixed road mapping
Fixed odd wet patches
Fixed visibility of distance markers
Fixed object popups
Fixed curb reflections due to RealRoad tech (compromise)
Fixed scale of ambulances
AIW improvements
Updated TDF values
Removed Legacy HDR Profile

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4 avril 2015 6 04 /04 /avril /2015 09:23

Image Space Incorporated vient de mettre à disposition une nouvelle version (build 946) de rFactor 2 !


Au programme, beaucoup de corrections et d'optimisations.

rFactor 2 : build 946 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :

Changelog Build 946:


Made “Time Scale” set to “Race %” work for percentage-timed races when a track’s default duration was more than 2 hours (but left mechanical failures work the same way as they had been).
Added local content management to Launcher.
Added support for batch downloads in Launcher’s remote content tab.
Added ring stiffness multipliers to TGM files.
Added third party content publishing to Launcher.


By default, the multithreaded physics are turned off for now. Set the PLR file variable “Sim Processor Thresh” to 3 to turn on, or 255 to turn off (note that we don’t allow them to be turned on for dual cores). Please do NOT use +procmask for the purpose of disabling multithreaded physics anymore.
umber of pitstops as reported in results file and plugin will no longer count drive-thru’s nor Esc’ing from track to garage.
Made unlimited laps in qualifying truly unlimited.
Fix for aspect ratio problems in monitor.
Disabled an unnecessary message pump in the simulation thread. The latter appears to fix the CPU spikes that some were experiencing.
Added HTTP Basic Authentication to dedicated server mod downloads.
Fixed halt when returning to monitor. (Cloud maps were being reloaded because the path appeared to change in retail mode.)
Use any available car in a replay if the original can’t be found (can happen with clients viewing a server replay without having downloaded a virtual vehicle that was present).
Fixed unnecessary reloads of matchmaker list.
Lined up vehicle labels in monitor.
Made vehicle labels more legible under different conditions.
Fixed multiplayer client skin download status gizmo icons so they are again visible (when they should be).
Fixed rare problem in ded server where rfm from previous mod was used if it (rmf file) has exact same name as rfm file in current mod.
Fixed a crash that could happen while resuming a replay of a non-race session.


Added playerfile parameter “Disable Resume in Replay”, that when set to 1, will let you jump into realtime during a replay instead of “resuming”. Did this so that a person could record fastest paths from replay files using the AIW editor in the Mod Mode.
Added ability to look for digital flags so that that a track builder can have a mix of corner workers and digital flags around the track. (animations are: “DF_FLAGDOWN”, “DF_FLAGHELD”, “DF_FLAGWAVE”, “DF_SAFETYCAR”, “DF_VICTORY”, “DF_PRESTART”, “DF_START”)
simplified grid, pit, & garage spot marking.
Allowed AIW editor to set number of garages per pit spot for ease of editing.
Fixed Camera FOV editing.


Added new MPFile parameter “SERVER_allow_loose_content_transfer” that will disable client to client propagation of custom skins and virtual vehicles (both disabled when set to 0, only virtual vehicles disabled when set to 1, and both working when set to 2)
In the case of matching names while trying to boot someone, at least kick *someone* (current choice is client before AI).
Improved multiplayer skin transfers so there is less chance of name mix up.


New tonemapper
Optimized single-pass HDR for multiview.
Adjusted some hdr/sky params to work with new tonemapper

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