19 décembre 2015 6 19 /12 /décembre /2015 09:26

Image Space Incorporated vient de mettre à disposition le circuit Palm Springs pour rFactor 2 !


Ce circuit fictif, créé par James “cyruscloud” Mabe  et SLN, comporte trois tracés différents.

rFactor 2 circuit Palm Springs disponible !rFactor 2 circuit Palm Springs disponible !
rFactor 2 circuit Palm Springs disponible !rFactor 2 circuit Palm Springs disponible !
rFactor 2 circuit Palm Springs disponible !rFactor 2 circuit Palm Springs disponible !
rFactor 2 circuit Palm Springs disponible !rFactor 2 circuit Palm Springs disponible !

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16 décembre 2015 3 16 /12 /décembre /2015 12:00

La légende est en marche (enfin en cours de modélisation...). L'équipe d'Apex Modding non contente de travailler sur un mod FIA GT3 des plus poussés et complet (ici) a décidé de se lancer dans la réalisation d'une des machines les plus emblématiques de l'histoire, la Porsche 917K.

rFactor 2 - Porsche 917 par Apex Modding.

rFactor 2, est bien entendu le jeu retenu par "AM". Et même si le chemin est encore long à parcourir, elle nous donne déjà l'envie d'incarner Steeve McQueen ou Helmut Marko...

rFactor 2 - Porsche 917 par Apex Modding.
rFactor 2 - Porsche 917 par Apex Modding.

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12 décembre 2015 6 12 /12 /décembre /2015 09:31

Image Space Incorporated vient de mettre à disposition une nouvelle version (Build 1036) pour rFactor 2 !

rFactor 2 Build 1036 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en  anglais) :


– Made the pit menu wing adjustments use the same display value as the garage.

– Fixed idiot light when vehicle rev limit is smaller while in neutral.
– Attempted fix for laps sometimes being lost on a race rejoin.
– Fixed a crash when starting ded server if borderless mode was previously selected
– Fixed a problem where the wrong port was used to tell Steam friends about the server you are on.
– Removed the condition that only non-demos can change the opponent list.
– Fix for “join as spectator” problem.
– PLR value “MULTI Safety Car Collidable” (used for multiplayer) now works; previously only “GPRIX Safety Car Collidable” (used for single player) was fixed.
– Fixed occasional ‘missing gears’ problem.

– Increased size of some mas2 dialogs
– Added a confirmation before deleting all waypoints in mod mode.
– Added delete next/prev to selected waypoint menu.
– Changed “delete branch” to only require single waypoint selected.
– Slightly raised the line showing where the AI is aim to make it more likely to be above the track surface.

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22 novembre 2015 7 22 /11 /novembre /2015 07:00

Nouvelles images du mod FIA GT3 développé depuis près de cinq ans par l'équipe d'Apex Modding, maintenant en cours de réalisation pour rFactor 2.

rFactor 2 - FIA GT3 par Apex Modding...
rFactor 2 - FIA GT3 par Apex Modding...
rFactor 2 - FIA GT3 par Apex Modding...
rFactor 2 - FIA GT3 par Apex Modding...

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15 novembre 2015 7 15 /11 /novembre /2015 10:12

rFactor 2 est maintenant disponible sur Steam !


Plusieurs licences et une option sont disponibles. Une version "hors ligne" à laquelle ont peut ajouter une option multijoueur pour une durée d'un an renouvelable et une version "à vie" avec laquelle le jeu en ligne sera toujours possible, sans renouvellement. 


La conversion des licences vers Steam, pour ceux qui le souhaitent, est possible mais à certaines conditions. Ceux qui possèdent une option "en ligne" limitée dans le temps, sur l'ancien principe, la perdront.


Pour célébrer le lancement sur Steam, rFactor 2 est disponible pour un prix réduit de 40% jusqu'au 19 novembre !

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11 novembre 2015 3 11 /11 /novembre /2015 20:54

Image Space Incorporation vient de mettre à disposition la nouvelle version (Build 1028) de rFactor 2 !


Il s'agirait de la dernière version avant que le titre ne passe sur Steam.


Au programme, beaucoup de corrections qui ont pour vocation de rendre plus robuste l'application.


SimRacers, à vos volants !

rFactor 2 Build 1028 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :

Build Notes (Update 35, Build 1028):

– Improved detection of controllers by checking device VID and PIDs if it failed by device name (which could happen in some cases – apparently the names are not always consistent for identical devices).
– Removed a couple unused PLR variables.
– Added a new control “Load Vehicles” so you can load the full graphics and sound of temp cars while you are driving down a straight or parked at the side of the road.
– Re-enabled some gizmos for brake wear and temps.
– Defaulting camera zoom in and out to number pad 3 and 1, respectively.
– Now sorting opponent filters alphabetically.
– Added tire wear info to results file. Also, resume-from-replay now restores general tire wear.
– Added HDV variable AIBumpstop in order to control some occasional physics instabilities.
– Pressing Shift with the Increase/Decrease FOV controls will now adjust the seat pitch angle. In turn, that will be stored for the specific vehicle you are using.
– Practice on by default
– Removed tree structure from RFM tree scroll box.
– Moved damage to near the top of the pit menu.
– Added borderless window mode. This mode only works at current desktop resolution.
– Added times for sector 1 & 2 from best lap to the plugin scoring data. (Not necessarily the best sector 1 & 2 times, which are already provided.)
– Added cockpit.ini variable “DebrisIndexInCockpit=<x>” which makes instance DEBRIX<x> visible in cockpit view.
– Now keeping the last 25 trace files.
– Added a boundary line between official ISI servers and all others on the multiplayer game list.

– Scale the instant replay text and progress bar correctly.
– Fixed loose objects that would fall asleep and become rather solid.
– Disabled a few lines of code that overrode our intended defaults.
– Reduced possibility of significant halts when someone joins in multiplayer.
– Fix for AI’s incorrectly trying to match non-AI driving lines on superspeedways
– Fix for occasional select box misdrawing at resolutions other than 1920X1080
– Fix for crash that happens when file defining a virtual vehicle doesn’t get transfered to a multiplayer client.
– Handled a potential crash caused by replacement vehicle having less tire compounds than the virtual vehicle.
– Made AIs coming out of the garage at least try to avoid slow cars in the pitlane.
– Fix for displaying a Race Events components from the RFM selector page, even when it’s package file doesn’t exist.<
– SDK updated to latest Options.
– Recording path should no longer stick the 1st and last waypoint any closer than 80% of the defined waypoint distance.

- You can (when available) install the dedicated server distribution from Steam as that works for both Steam and non-Steam matchmaker.

KNOWN ISSUES: rFactor 2 Build 1028 (NON-Steam)

- On rare occasion, when using “+connect” command via shortcut on server, users may need to retry multiple times when connecting to a password protected server.
– Launcher Message will display: “Component “Core UI 1.0″ failed to verify, removed from inventory”” In some rare cases this can cause issues with custom UI that also relies on core UI to handle some pages.
– The rFactor2 Matchmaker list will not count clients that join a server using rFactor 2 Steam edition in the “player” column.
– “RaceEvents” on workshop are not served by dedicated server. Non-steam clients and clients not subscribed to the workshop item will need to manually install “RaceEvents”.
Other known issues still to be found in knownissues.txt

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11 novembre 2015 3 11 /11 /novembre /2015 10:41

Les étroits liens entre le réel et le virtuel...

rFactor 2 s'invite en NASCAR

Source : Facebook

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8 novembre 2015 7 08 /11 /novembre /2015 19:58

Une première vidéo de présentation du Mod Flat6 Series par l'équipe de Modding EnduRacers pour rFactor 2 !


De source officielle, on nous fait savoir que le Mod va prochaine entrer en phase finale de sa version Beta. Le cadeau de fin d'année serait-il en approche ?

Source : enduracers.com


Lien :

> Le site EnduRacers

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8 novembre 2015 7 08 /11 /novembre /2015 17:42

C'est la journée des mises à jour pour Image Space Incorporated qui vient de mettre à disposition une nouvelle version (1.6) de la Chevrolet Camaro GT3 pour rFactor 2 !

rFactor 2 : Chevrolet Camaro GT3 1.6 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :

Camaro 1.6 Changelog:
Fix for headlight and tail light flickering
Fix for skin #5
Rims added
New CPM enabled tyres
Added 2013 upgrade which includes 19″ rims and larger front brake discs.
Aero adjusted based on new data. The balance is now further rearward with slightly less total downforce. Drag has also been increased.
Suspension geometry revised, (less bump-steer among other little bits).
Springs detached from spindles. Which changes the motion ratio to something that should be more accurate (the car is now softer on default set).
Dampers revised.
Default setup revised to match other changes.
Brake system recalculated. Giving more even front / rear temps and more accurate brake torques and inertia’s.
Less understeer in AI, among other correlation improvements.
Softer bumpstops.
More restrictive wheel travel.
Traction control no longer incurs a weight penalty as the real car untilises this. Also added some extra ‘slip angle’ adjustability in the tuning page.
Chassis flex improved, (slightly more rigid car with more accurate self damping values).
Reduced external transmission volume.

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8 novembre 2015 7 08 /11 /novembre /2015 17:12

Image Space Incorporated vient de mettre à disposition une nouvelle version (1.63) de la Clio Cup 197 pour rFactor 2 !

rFactor 2 : Clio Cup 197 1.63 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :

Clio Cup v1.63 changelog (from v1.51):
CPM enabled tyres, including all latest wet weather parameters.
Slightly stiffened chassis.
Slight aero correction (forward balance, reducing H/S understeer).
Minor ARB tweak.
Minor increase in rear unsprung masses.
New shaders.
Some visual fixes.

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