9 janvier 2016 6 09 /01 /janvier /2016 09:30

Faisant suite aux premières annonces, que vous pourrez retrouver en bas de ce billet, Reiza vient de lancer le site web officiel Automobilista, le nouveau titre, successeur de Game Stock Car Extreme, à venir du studio.


On nous gratifie, de plus, de deux nouvelles images pour illustrer les développements en cours.

Automobilista : site web lancé !
Automobilista : site web lancé !
Automobilista : site web lancé !

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9 janvier 2016 6 09 /01 /janvier /2016 08:59

Un peu de fun aujourd'hui avec ce Mod RC Racing pour Game Stock Car Extreme qui vient d'être mis à disposition par le spécialiste connu et reconnu des physiques, j'ai nommé Niels Heusinkveld.


Un Mod atypique qui simule l'univers radiocommandé à l'échelle 1/8ème...

Descriptif (en anglais) :

Reccomended Game Setup

- Try an analog gamepad
– Use a mixture of speed sensitivity (50%) and reduced axis sensitivity (25%) for starters
– Driving aids are untested
– AI probably doesn’t work so just do private testing
– Only drive in TV cam (page down is the default key). A few different zoom levels are available
– Adjust the speed sensitivity, axis sensitivity and garage ‘steering lock’ to get your personal preferred car steering sensitivity
– Don’t start with the faster cars!

Hi! This is a … different … mod for Game Stockcar Extreme: 1:8 scale racing and drifting with realistic (scaled) physics! This doesn’t mean the cars themselves are exact copies of real Radio Control (RC) cars though, they have believable but imagined properties. It is a physics experiment that got out of hand. Previously the only RC mod, for rFactor, MadCowies excellent work, used 1:1 scale cars as the physics where believed not to handle vehicles so light. This made me curious and as you can see, they work just fine with real weights and dimensions.

Physics are fun! Scaling down a car 8 times, makes its length 8 times smaller. Aerodynamics apply on area which is 8×8 times smaller. Mass is a function of volume which is 8x8x8 times smaller. You end up with totally different car behavior because of this compared to full sized cars, yet they are still just small racing cars with all the bits and pieces we know and love. This also means they are fun to drive!
Thanks to Laurents Hoerr for the circuit and Patrick Giranthon for the awesome circuit and bow to Siim Annuk and David Sabre for scaling down the Toyota Supra and BRM Can-Am car respectively and then allowing me to release all the models! And thanks to Todd Wasson who, over the years, helped me out on some of the general specs and properties of these small cars.

This mod is NOT an official Reiza Studios product. It is a fun experiment that you may or may not enjoy, that’s all!

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9 janvier 2016 6 09 /01 /janvier /2016 08:41

Deux ans après la dernière mise à jour, une nouvelle version (3.2) du Mod Power & Glory 3.2 pour GTR2 est maintenant disponible !


De quoi ravir, vous pourrez le voir dans les notes ci-dessous, les amateurs, il en reste encore, de GTR2 et de bonnes vieilles caisses historiques.

GTR2 Mod Power & Glory 3.2 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :

- Fix for the 1974 Zakspeed Escort RS1600 tyre file, which was causing CTD when using Soft Wet tyres.
– Fix for a wrongly referenced mesh in the Boss302 Mustang cas file, which could cause CTD at low detail setting.
– Fixed wrong tyre textures used on Boss302 Mustangs #15 and #16.
– Fix for missing shadowreceiver of Boss302 Mustang bonnet scoop in cockpit view.
– Fix for exhaust smoke position on Corvette Grand Sports.
– Fix for wrong body mask in Cortina GT #64021.
– Fix for material conflict in all affected 60’s Touring cars.
– Fix for material conflict in all affected 70’s Touring cars.
– Fix for material conflict in all affected GT Over 2 Liter cars.
– Fix for material conflict in almost all affected GT Under 2 Liter cars (still need to do Lotus 7).
– Fix for material conflict in all affected PTC Over 2 Liter cars.
– Fix for material conflict in all affected PTC Under 2 Liter cars.
– Fix for material conflict in Safetycar.
– Fix for to render ABS non-functional on Ford GTs and Porsche 906s
– Fix for wrong dirt/rain screens in Capri 2600 #72023
– Removed unnecessary “invisible” plane under zakspeed escort chassis meshes, and adjusted GraphicalOffset in .hdc to correct height.
– Removed unnecessary “invisible” plane under Detomaso Pantera chassis meshes, and adjusted GraphicalOffset in .hdc to correct height.
– Removed front windscreen banner from Porsche 914/6 #70040 chassis meshes.
– Altered Porsche 914/6 lit headlight texture. #70040 headlight glow now correctly shows no tape marks when lit.

– Revised physics for all Ford GT40s
– Revised physics for all Porsche 906s
– Reduced rolling resistance and drag for Alpine A110, #76 & #78 – 1300 engine replaces 1100
– Small changes to Lotus Cortina tyre diameter, ride height and suspension travel. ’65 Mann car now has Goodyear tyres. 67 Alain Dex car now has Firestone tyres
– Lotus Cortinas now in a single category, rather than the previous Works/Mann categories.

– Removed right side mirror and cutoff switch box from Boss302 Mustang #70009
– Revised skin and body mask on Ford Capri #72054
– All GT40s slightly widened and lower nose re-profiled
– Correct diameter tyres for all GT40s
– New BRM style wheels to replace Halibrand wheel for the GT40s which used BRM style wheels
– Revised cockpit for Ford GT MkII – new gauges and repositioned mirror
– Revised cockpit for Gulf GT40s – new tape strip and wheel boss and #6 now has same gauges as #7
– Four sets of correctly sized tyres replace single set on Porsche 906
– Back-fire and passenger seat added to Alpine A110 – #76 & #78 now have 1300 engine exhaust
– New cockpit/dash for 1964 model Lotus Cortinas
– Revised cockpit for later model Lotus Cortinas
– Revised 3D model for Lotus Cortina body featuring new details such as side exhaust, boot lock, 3D Lotus badges, central fuel filler, and bonnet strap.
– New or revised skins for all Lotus Cortinas – #65037 replaces #66013 and #66001 replaces #66027
– Larger diameter tyres for all Cortinas

– Minor pitch corrections for the Ford GT40 and Ford GT MkII, to suit the physics corrections done in the car.

– Included the “PnG UI Language Switcher” tool (located in the main installation folder), so that users can change the language of the Interface and without needing to download this tool separately.
– Corrections in the Italian dictionary files for better translation (external contribution from ‘NickM’).
– Separated the Corvette C2 L76 Roadster from the Corvette C2 Z06 in class lines, so that it can be selected separately (also for dedicated servers).
– Rectified missing lines/text for the specs in showroom for the Corvettes C3 L88 #68002, #68003 and #68045.
– Minor checkbox changes (spacing parameters).
– Car picture in the set-up screens has been changed to a top-view image (of a Cobra roadster) – this substitutes the underside one (of a Ferrari 250 GT) causing confusion to some.

– 1969 IGFA German Racing Team Ford GT40

Source : VirtualR.net

Créateurs du Mod : GTLW


Lien :

> Téléchargement Mod Power & Glory 3.2 pour GTR2

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8 janvier 2016 5 08 /01 /janvier /2016 08:44

La Nordschleife confrontée à la réalité en Renault Megane avec Projet CARS...

Vidéo : PlaysK

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7 janvier 2016 4 07 /01 /janvier /2016 09:57

Un petit tour en McLaren Mp4-6 sur le circuit australien d'Adélaide avec rFactor 2...

Vidéo : DigiProst

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6 janvier 2016 3 06 /01 /janvier /2016 17:05

Alors que nous sommes toujours dans l'attente de l'Audi R18, Sector 3 nous propose quelques images de la version VLN de l'Audi TT-RS. ¨Pourquoi pas en accompagnement de la Nordschleife ?

Raceroom - Audi TT-RS (VLN), des images.
Raceroom - Audi TT-RS (VLN), des images.
Raceroom - Audi TT-RS (VLN), des images.

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6 janvier 2016 3 06 /01 /janvier /2016 14:50

Une petite image vient d'être diffusée par l'équipe de LTS Modding Team.

La monplace Tatuus F4-T014 utilisée à travers l'Europe devrait se voir bien représentée dans le mod, avec les championnats espagnols, italiens, anglais et allemand proposés.

rFactor 2 - Formule 4, le mod avance.

Source :


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6 janvier 2016 3 06 /01 /janvier /2016 10:32

Une originale vidéo comparative entre Project CARS et Assetto Corsa en FR 3.5 sur le circuit de Silverstone...

Vidéo : R3zn0r TV

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5 janvier 2016 2 05 /01 /janvier /2016 22:00

Les joueurs ayant opté pour le "Car Pass" de Forza 6 vont pouvoir profiter de sept nouvelles voitures ajoutées ce 5 janvier 2016. Pour tous les autres, il vous faudra dépenser 6.99€

La liste des voitures du pack :

  • 1973 Holden HQ Monaro GTS 350
  • 1973 Nissan Skyline GT-R^
  • 1979 Opel Kadett C GT/E
  • 2014 Toyota #8 Toyota Racing TS040 HYBRID
  • 2015 Mazda Formula Mazda
  • 2015 Nissan #1 NISMO MOTUL AUTECH GT-R
  • 2016 W Motors Lykan HyperSport

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5 janvier 2016 2 05 /01 /janvier /2016 20:12

C'est via son compte Twitter et Instagram que Slightly Mad Studios nous dévoile deux images du prochain DLC prévu ce mois de janvier pour Project CARS.

Project CARS - Teasing du prochain DLC.Project CARS - Teasing du prochain DLC.

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