16 septembre 2016 5 16 /09 /septembre /2016 09:49

Une petite course en Radical sur le circuit de Watkins Glen avec Project CARS pour bien finir la semaine ?

Vidéo : DigiProst

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15 septembre 2016 4 15 /09 /septembre /2016 09:46

La gymnastique du talon-pointe en BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 sur le circuit de Zolder avec Project CARS... 

Vidéo : DigiProst

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14 septembre 2016 3 14 /09 /septembre /2016 14:00

Déjà disponible dans Raceroom, l'Audi TT Cup (disputée en Allemagne) revientdans sa version 2016 d'ici peu de temps. C'est ce qu'annonce Sector 3 dans les colonnes de ses forums.

En prime, voici deux images de la bête, une traction avant munie d'un "Push to pass" et qui dispose d'une face plus agressive que jamais ! Comme souvent avec nos amis suédois : Wait and see.

Raceroom - L'Audi TT Cup 2016, en image !
Raceroom - L'Audi TT Cup 2016, en image !

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14 septembre 2016 3 14 /09 /septembre /2016 08:40

C'est à travers un nouveau trailer que WRC6, des studios français de Kylotonn, met en avant l'un de ses nouveaux atouts : les "super spéciales". Si vous n'êtes pas familiers de ce terme, il est question de spéciales disputées en 1 contre 1 en championnat du monde des rallyes. Mais, voyez plutôt !

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14 septembre 2016 3 14 /09 /septembre /2016 04:42

Les nouvelles technologies permettent maintenant d'avoir des vues ultra-réalistes ! Un petit tour embarqué en Ruf Cup sur la Nordschleife avec iRacing...

Vidéo : Marcel Pfister

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13 septembre 2016 2 13 /09 /septembre /2016 20:40

C'est à travers une vidéo qu'Iracing annonce et présente la dernière voiture ajoutée à la liste des bolides historiques proposés. Avec la participation d'Hans Joachim Stuck, pilote de légende ayant fait les belles années d'Audi dans les années 80 et 90, découvrez l'Audi 90 IMSA GTO de 1989.

iRacing - L'Audi 90 IMSA désormais jouable !
iRacing - L'Audi 90 IMSA désormais jouable !

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13 septembre 2016 2 13 /09 /septembre /2016 04:38

Un bel angle de vue pour ce Game Play en Touring Classic sur le circuit de Bathurst avec RaceRoom...

Vidéo : 6e66o

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12 septembre 2016 1 12 /09 /septembre /2016 04:36

Le circuit de la Sarthe selon iRacing...

Vidéo : Chamu Torres

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11 septembre 2016 7 11 /09 /septembre /2016 14:38

PiBoSo vient de mettre à disposition World Racing Series en version Beta 9  !


Une version démo est disponible sur le site officiel, la version complète, quant à elle, sera à vous pour 27€.

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :


fix: sprintcars cockpit view car shadows
fix: track animations timer
fix: race gap calculation
fix: sprint car engine sound
fix: allow for a separate track layout image
fix: screen resolution setting
fix: plugins sprites color
fix: plugins calls when loading a replay
fix: input plugins POV support
fix: updated to Oculus SDK 1.3.x
fix: user interface background
fix: dedicated server replay save splt by session
new: wing lateral area simulation
new: wing yaw offset simulation
new: stagger setup
new: spacers setup
new: garage wheel rate and motion rate readout
new: garage track width readout
new: default asymmetrical setup
new: cars default setups support
new: compare setups option
new: input profiles support
new: external driving view
new: dirt on tyres
new: shared skies support
new: random skies support
new: vsync option in the settings
new: HTC Vive support

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11 septembre 2016 7 11 /09 /septembre /2016 09:16

Un petit tour dans la campagne mancelle, ça vous dit ? Le mythique circuit Le Mans Bugatti 1.0 est maintenant disponible pour rFactor 2 !

rFactor 2 circuit Le Mans Bugatti Circuit 1.0 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :


First track segment totally rebuilt (T1 and small straight before Dunlop esses) to get rid excessive bumping (fixed wrong elevation data).
Redone track’s night lighting, eliminated TGA textures, grouped light glows for optmization.
Moved time-strap sectors
Corrected Pit-Out position to avoid incorrect penalty due leaving pits before green and corrected pit and start-lights behavior
Corrected wrong properties (collide or HAT) of several objects.
Reshaped tall red kerbs and decreased their height due AI turnovers of some mods with stiff suspension parameters (1).
Reversed several wrong 3D kerbs direction and remodelled to match the real thing (Yoss’ picture database)
Inserted new tarmac material in negative kerbs zones to accent the force-feedback in those off-tracks
Increased gravel resistance in sand-pits to match real run-offs observed during 2016 LM 24 heures.
Added two DRS zones (2)
Reviewed track cutting parameters in order to outline what is cutting and what is lose control and avoid unfair penalties.

Improved AI fast line and overall speed to increase offline challenge
Corrected AI right and left lines to avoid offs when pace laps
Improved AI pit entry and exit line
Better AI defensive line, AI is capable to defend its position whitout lose to much time in corner exits
Reduced some wide corridor zones to avoid AI crazy overtake atempts which would result in disasters.
Reviewed Track-Side cameras set
Replaced Safety-Car to a safe place
Tweaked AI corner speed, reduced slowing when pushed, AI field spread and draft behavior.
Added specific AI learning files for several cars (3)

Possibly fixed the Nvidia driver crash that affects many systems using 900 NV series cards (4)
Created far LOD objects for some high-poly instances
Full revision of track geometry: corrected smoothing groups, unused channels cleaned, removed overlapping faces, isolated vertices, converted all normals to Gmotor system.
Created Shadow Groups to improve performance in low end computers
Created non-rendereable shadow casters for all high poly elements as tyre barriers (performance purposes)
Remodelled and remapped pit buildings which were carrying a lot of invisible polygons and useless vertices harming the game engine performance aside bad visual aspect.
Occluded a lot of unnecessary objects from mirrors to improve FPS
Excluded a number of unnecessary objects from reflected environment and car cube reflections.

Another pass on track material light properties
Improved overall ambient by including several track-side vegetation as texture shadow caster (shadow settings = max)
Replaced placeholders windows frames and other metal structures to final ones.
Improved terrain ambient occlusion through alpha channel painting
Inserted grass-tarmac alpha transition
Corrected excessive vegetation night light reflectance
All environmental and car-cube reflections were made from scratch, several objects were wrongly quoted in old SCN file.
Replaced some vertex-coulour painted objects by actual textures
Added main yard as real-road to darken when raining
Improved kerbs texture 2048 px and remapping
New grass with reversed wrong pattern which induces too dark grass areas
Created detailed far outfield with blended grass texture
Other minor corrections on texture mapping, replaced concrete textures, etc

Inserted animated Le Mans Ferris-Wheel taking advantage of rF2 animation system (bones)
Insert some simple assets in the boxes to improve immersion just in case (used ISI Toban texture)
Corrected Z elevation of several objects as TSO vehicles
Replaced temporary MM Arena Football Stadium object to the final one and modelled the park area around
Added very low-poly TSO cars in park lots
Added invisible walls to avoid driving out of circuit areas and avoid AI to stuck in any unusual accident
Added some Real Road pre-saves

*Additional Notes – V.1.00*
(1) The red obstacles is lower now but the cut corridors are the same. In addition, the red material have a high tyre-wear value to discourage human players to cut track. I suggest to cars modders to have a special attention on their collision feelers, there’re several cars which they are unnecessarily low, producing some bizarre behavior when attacking tall kerbs.
(2) There’s no visual indication of DRS zone so you’ll have to keep your eye in car’s panel until get used with the start positions.
(3) It seems rF2 engine is not able to automatically load the AI learning files from package yet. However, when it get fixed the TL3 files are already inserted in a specific MAS file (you might unpack to manually put it in correct folders ore, easier, get in alone in a practice period with fuel usage and damage off, add one AI car and type

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