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Le Mod Maserati Trofeo GranTurismo dans sa version 1.8 pour rFactor 2 est maintenant disponible. Nous n'avons jamais évoqué ce Mod qui, pourtant, était l'un des premiers à voir le jour sur cette plateforme...





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Changelog v1.3: (16/05/2012)

  • fixed, under-car shadow
  • fixed, all car parts now visible on road reflection
  • fixed, all car parts now affected by headlights 
  • new, Maserati Safety Car (only in rFmod version)
  • new, dashbord texture
  • working driver animation (but still need some re-work)
  • new, Season 2012 Upgrade options in the tuning menu:

    Graphics upgrade:
  • small carbon front wing
  • small body kit
  • new headlight
  • new rearwing

    Physics upgrade:
  • adjustable rear wing 
  • more power and torque
  • less weight
  • more fuel consumption

Changelog v1.4: (28/05/2012)

  • no longer 2011 series with 2012 upgrade options
  • separately 2011 and 2012 season
  • you can select both season cars for opponent, and on the server as well
  • in-game Car Class show you separately both season cars (like: Trofeo 2011, and Trofeo 2012)
  • new cockpit window upgrade options, you can choose between a slightly dirty and a full clear windscreen
  • wiper anim from outside working but very slow, in the cockpit still doesn't work 

Changelog v1.5: (28/07/2012)

  • VMOD version updated with the new and updated tracks
  • removed wiper animation which is caused the "bones error message"

Changelog v1.7: (06/01/2013)

  • no longer VMOD version, just rfcmp version available
  • completely removed the wiper animation
  • new export with the current build (134)

Changelog v1.8: (05/07/2013)

  • ixed Driver names (now visible the full driver name without number, known issue for a registered member "a1gpmatty")
  • Fixed Display Class Override (now display "Maserati Trofeo 2012" instead of Trofeo 2012 and same with the 2011 version, known issue for the rF2 Rank, thanks Uwe!)
  • Cockpit window now full clear with light dashboard reflection 
  • New Dashboard texture 
  • New tyre tread and tyre wall texture 
  • New shaders in the cockpit (some parts use AO map, big thanks for Tuttle!)
  • New shadow map on the carbody, modified reflection, new alpha layer
  • New tire and aero physics (both version use the 2012 aero and tyre spec)
  • New orange Safety Car


Source : www.bsimracing.com

Créateur du Mod : Tommy78


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> Téléchargement Mod Maserati Trofeo GranTurismo 1.8 pour rFactor 2

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<br /> Oh un mod pour rFactor 2 NOOOON, est-ce qu'on peu joué en solo avec ? pour bin je teste ca ce soir si j'ai le temps<br />

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