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Image Space Incorporated, pour la première fois de l'année vient de mettre à disposition la nouvelle build (494) rFactor 2 !



Au programme de cette mise à jour, beaucoup de modifications graphiques et notamment sur la partie HDR dont l'éclairage dépend de la localisation géographique et de l'heure du jour.


Liste des modification (en anglais) :


Update 21 (Build 494) Changelog (February 26, 2014):

Now defaulting to automated HDR parameters instead of manual profiles for every track when this build is first run. After that, you can change back to a specific profile if you want. The preferred profile for any track is now called “automation”.
Fixed calculation and tweaked numbers to reduce cloud pop-in.
There’s a few items missing from this changelog, shadow draw, etc.

Optional new HDV [SUSPENSION] line ModelWheelsIncludeAllTireMass=1 improves accounting for tire mass and inertia. Obviously this must coincide with actually adding the tire ring mass and inertia to the wheels in the chassis.ini file. In addition to more accurately simulating the tire ring, this also facilitates the removal of SpinInertia and SpinInertiaAI from the HDV. A related change is the optional removal of TemporaryRingMassInertia from the TGM file – the tire now dynamically changes inertia depending on current shape (a new variable MassInertiaMultiplier can also be included if the physically calculated values are not satisfactory for some reason).
For newly created replays, you can now play them even if the (virtual) mod is uninstalled, as long as the individual track and vehicle components are still installed.
Created some options for the suspension deformation code that allows more generic connections like brake lines.

Fixed problem recovering from ctrl-alt-delete in Win 7/8.
Fixed some missing translations in rFConfig.
Fixed plugin callbacks PreReset() and PostReset().
Fixed a crash from the RFM spinner in strange cases.
Made the “goto preferred car selection” page action go to the non-preferred car selection page in case where the preferred car selection page doesn’t exist (instead of going nowhere)
Fixed problem reading older RealRoad files.
Fixed a potential pit menu crash if FuelSpecial lines are used in the HDV file.
Fixed crash related to Mod Mode all tracks & cars selection & uninstalling other mods.
Fixed a couple problems with Resume From Replay, including one potential crash.
Since full-course yellows do not work without a safety car right now, disable them if there is no safety car available at a track.
Fixed potential crash in transparent trainer code – probably only happened in multiplayer.

Fixed bug in ModMgr when displaying large (> 2GB) mod files.
Added buttons to ModMgr to delete paths from the Working Dir and Packages selectors.
Some shader macro prototypes have changed. Look in pShaderStubs.h for changes.
Fixed rcd values write out from realtime editor.
Now looking for driver RCD files in vehicle components as well as (hopefully soon to be phased out) talent components.

UI / HUD / Options:
Fixed ‘enter’ key moving between min and max replay mode for other languages.
When selecting a mod with it’s own UI, the standard rFactor UI will send you to a prompt screen to ask if you’d like to use the mod-specific UI.
Added RCD editing gizmos: they work on “virtual vehicle” drivers in main release & any content in Mod Mode.
Fixed issue with true type fonts sometimes (usually after UI switch) not loading.

Official ISI server now show on top of mp lobby list (until user manually sorts).
If mod specific multiplayer temp vehicle is not found, will attempt to load generic temp vehicle instead.
Added gizmo to standard rFactor UI that let’s you quickly change cars in practice mode without having to leave and rejoin the server.
Detecting & reloading livery changes in multiplayer quick vehicle change.
Disabled new prediction algorithm by default, until issues are worked out.

Added profile for the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel.
Added an optional minimum FFB torque to the controller.ini file. Disabled by default.

AIs now attempt to restart engine when toggling AI on with a stalled engine.
Fixed some cases where RCD files were not loading.



Source : www.facebook.com/rFactor2

Vidéo : Image Space Inc.


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> Téléchargement rFactor 2

> Le fil de l'actualité rFactor 2 sur The Racing Line

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ISI passe maintenant à l'optimisation graphique comme convenu, c'est sans doute le dernier grand chantier avant la version "finale".

Une nouvelle build fait toujours plaisir!.. Avec une amelioriation coté graphisme et fps.. c'est du tout bon

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