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Cela bouge énormément du côté de ce titre en ce moment, Image Space Incorporated vient de mettre à disposition la nouvelle build 240 pour rFactor 2 !




Au delà des corrections et ajouts habituels, c'est aussi une préparation pour l'ajout prochain du circuit de Silverstone (cette mise à jour sera nécessaire pour l'installation).


Les apports de cette version (en anglais) dans les commentaires de ce billet.


Source : www.facebook.com/rFactor2


Liens :

> Téléchargement rFactor 2 build 240

> Le fil de l'actualité rFactor 2 sur The Racing Line

> rFactor 2 : la beta est sortie !

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<br /> cool, mais je comprend pas l'anglais, je vais essayer de traduite puis de comprendre ce que je peu :), en tout cas je ré-installe :)<br /> <br /> <br />  <br />
<br /> Pas mal!<br /> <br /> <br /> Dommage pas encore de gouttes de pluie sur le parebrise! pour la prochaine!<br />
<br /> Cool!!!!<br />
<br /> =====================================================<br /> Update 16 (Build 240) Changelog (June 27, 2013):<br /> =====================================================<br /> <br /> <br /> FEATURES:<br /> ————————<br /> Doubled the number of upgrades a vehicle can possibly have.<br /> Added some dynamic adjustments to weather-based road params<br /> <br /> <br /> GRAPHICS:<br /> ————————<br /> Fixed lagging road reflections.<br /> Set HDR on by default<br /> <br /> <br /> UI / HUD / Options:<br /> ————————<br /> Computed rake in spinner so that both front and rear tires would be on ground.<br /> Added progress bar to component download page<br /> <br /> <br /> MODDING / PUBLIC DEV<br /> ————————<br /> Fixed RFM spinner in mod mode exe to work correctly even without and “All Tracks & Cars” mod button.<br /> <br /> <br /> BUG FIXES / OPTIMIZATIONS:<br /> ————————<br /> Fixed auto-detection of controller on first startup (i.e. no player file exists).<br /> Made parking box work when swapping drivers.<br /> Added track signature variable to playerfile so that 2 different versions of a track can be selected and displayed.<br /> Fixed launcher verify issue that was related to data.path being placed in the update.<br /> Fixed one issue that could accidentally change the vehicle setup during a driver swap.<br /> Removed some DX API calls which were interfering with desktop color calibrations – these should now work in full screen mode.<br /> Quick fix for new lag problems when someone leaves a race.<br /> <br /> <br /> AI:<br /> ————————<br /> Fixed an AI slowdown bug that could prevent pace car from entering the track when called upon.<br /> Fixed half second throttle lift when car detects a tire bounced off road (usually from a rumble strip) but otherwise no grip issue.<br /> Fixed directory issues when using playerfile variable ‘Autocalibrate AI Mode=”1″‘, so that the AI can calibrate and use that knowledge in future races. (this is not a magic bullet to improve AI<br /> racing lines, but a simple algorithm that sometimes works to improve the line an AI will take.) Calibration files are located in the data directory UserDataplayerSettings*component<br /> name**veh_file_name* for the standard single/multiplayer game and in the proper GameDataVehicles… directory in Mod mode.<br /> Roughly halved the cornering radius that can (among other things) trigger throttle lifts when sliding out.<br /> <br /> <br /> REPLAY:<br /> ————————<br /> Made replay monitor’s lap and sector info a little more useful when viewing in realtime (or near realtime)<br /> Change to max # of upgrades changed the replay format, but in this case it was easy to make the replay code be backwards-compatible.<br />

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