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Image Space Incorporated vient de rendre disponible la build 228 de rFactor 2 !




Source : www.facebook.com/rFactor2


Liens :

> Téléchargement rFactor 2 build 218

> Le fil de l'actualité rFactor 2 sur The Racing Line

> rFactor 2 : la beta est sortie !

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<br /> Tu as parfaitement raison David ! Cette tardive publication est celle d'un réveil parental agité, je vais me rattraper <br />
<br /> T'aurais peut-être pu ajouter dans la news le dernier point dans le multiplayer : possibilité de rejoindre la session pendant la course !<br /> <br /> <br /> Même si c'est une première implémentation basique, c'est toujours une bonne nouvelle :D<br />
<br /> Le changelog en anglais pour ceux que cela intéresse :<br /> <br /> <br />  <br /> <br /> <br /> ================================================== ===<br /> Update 15 (Build 228) Changelog (June 10, 2013):<br /> ================================================== ===<br /> <br /> <br /> GRAPHICS:<br /> ————————<br /> Fixed an error with frame buffer textures in a few cases<br /> Fixed a problem with HDR bloom when running multiview<br /> Did some adjustment of multiview HDR processing<br /> Added detail levels to env and road reflection options<br /> <br /> <br /> SOUNDS:<br /> ————————<br /> Fixed bug where the audio mixer treats the player as an opponent when going under AI control.<br /> For onboard cams, setting Flags2 to 1 will make them use external rather than internal sounds.<br /> <br /> <br /> FEATURES:<br /> ————————<br /> Attempt to correct controller IDs if they get switched around when plugging in other input devices like joysticks.<br /> <br /> <br /> GAMEPLAY:<br /> ————————<br /> More tidying up of multiview replay<br /> <br /> <br /> UI / HUD / Options:<br /> ————————<br /> Clearing sidebars from replay gizmo when bouncing back to main monitor from large replay window in multiplayer<br /> <br /> <br /> MODDING / PUBLIC DEV<br /> ————————<br /> Fixed a crash in ModMgr when switching from detailed to simple view<br /> Fix up some minor UI problems in MAS2<br /> Added ability to place listeners for ambient sounds using the editor.<br /> Added ability to see the path the AI last took in AIW editor show/hide menu<br /> Fixed an issue in ModMgr where an install to a new directory would use last known working and packages folders - new installs will now use new working and packages folders until modified by<br /> user.<br /> Added menu option to cancel recording paths in AIW editor and to trigger path recording with "External Signal Left" mappable input.<br /> <br /> <br /> BUG FIXES / OPTIMIZATIONS:<br /> ————————<br /> Fixed a bug when toggling FXAA from in game where the shaders were not being recompiled properly<br /> Fixed alt-tab crash in MP caused by multiple rearview inits<br /> Demo set as PREFERRED_RFM<br /> Fixed recently introduced bug where clients would sometimes halt when another client exited the race.<br /> Fix skins on dedicated server replays, not yet sure if this helps with skins on client replays.<br /> Fixed "Get Mod" password entry box to send player to the right screen when "Enter" key is used to progress forward<br /> Fixed a bug with incorrect billboard rotation when wind/crown motion deactivated<br /> When mapping controls to a controller axis, fixed a minor problem where the axis settings could get stuck in a bad configuration (more specifically, while we tried to detect whether you were<br /> trying to use a half axis or a full axis).<br /> <br /> <br /> AI:<br /> ————————<br /> Fixed bug where sometimes AI would get stuck in an extremely slow state.<br /> Closed potential slowdown loop when yellow flag is thrown and freezing running order for AIs.<br /> <br /> <br /> MULTIPLAYER:<br /> ————————<br /> Fixed an alt-tab crash specific to MP only<br /> Added send rate control to built in HTTP server<br /> Added server & admin commands "/dq" and "/undq" to disqualify and re-qualify drivers.<br /> Remove exited clients' cars if restarting weekend.<br /> Added basic race rejoin after disconnect, which must be enabled on the server to work (with the multiplayer.ini setting "Allow Race Rejoin"). Currently you just get a new car in the garage.<br />

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