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Kunos Simulazioni vient de mettre à disposition la nouvelle version (0.7) d'Assetto Corsa !




Au programme, ajout de la Lotus Exos 125 et du circuit du Nurburgring (version Grand Prix).


Liste des modification (en anglais) :


Changelog 0.7

- New car Lotus Exos 125
- New upgrade Lotus Exos 125 S1
- New track Nurburgring GP
- Less noisy bodywork sound for GT cars
- Fixed hotlap penalties always on
- Friends Leaderboard :: filters lap for hotlap mode
- Some performance improvements
- Replay size reduced by 25%
- Gui now restoring hidden apps on exit
- Fixed Gui issues on apps
- Fixed smoke issues on replay
- Tuned low-level settings for smoke
- Fixed time attack start
- Some texture update for Autodromo di Monza
- Anticipated pit limiter when entering pitlane for Silverstone and Silverstone International race circuits
- "New" badge in UI cars thumbnails
- New "special tags" filtering. When you select a player car, the AI opponents selection is now suggesting similar cars. You can of course dismiss the special tag and choose more
- New "add visible" and "clear grid" buttons in custom opponents panel UI


1900027_830499050309748_1002501281_n.jpg 13263_830498566976463_1108028685_n.jpg

1891063_830498563643130_1385106186_n.jpg 1911822_830498640309789_2057726367_n.jpg

1962875_830498500309803_2097117183_n.jpg 1902876_830498460309807_735635983_n.jpg

1911827_830498706976449_29236422_n.jpg 1900147_830498920309761_417935538_n.jpg

1959654_830498906976429_298939191_n.jpg 1619613_830498756976444_569855943_n.jpg

1969326_830498966976423_1882427389_n.jpg 1900027_830498956976424_109616523_n.jpg

1969331_830499043643082_832113652_n.jpg 1981854_830499040309749_144443819_n.jpg

1962865_830498973643089_584452454_n.jpg 1920015_830498970309756_587324589_n.jpg


Source : Facebook


Liens :

> Achat et téléchargement Assetto Corsa Beta

> La ligne du temps Assetto Corsa (en anglais)

> Le fil de l'actualité Assetto Corsa sur The Racing Line

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fgggf 01/03/2014 18:43

IA are very very
bad, noobs programmer it is a shame in 2014 lol.

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