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Sector 3 studios vient de proposer une mise à jour de Raceroom sur Steam ce 31 janvier. Depuis quelques minutes, vous avez le loisir de découvrir le tracé américain de "Road America" dans la liste des pistes disponibles sur le store du titre. Toujours dans la volonté d'étoffer son contenu et avant une sortie de GTR3 prévue cette année, RRE doit poursuivre dans ce sens si il veut rester au niveau de ses concurrents actuels.


    Une seule configuration du tracé est proposée contre la somme de 4,98 € Le tracé de 6,514 Km établi dans le Wisconsin est emblématique pour ses manches de Nascar, Indy Car, CART ou encore d'endurance.

    Améliorations dans le jeu : 

    • Multiplayer - Garage assignment should now result in a lot less spawning inside several other cars.
    • Multiplayer - Fixed for a second time the gear selection that resets on starting grid after everyone is ready (aka “the Franconen bug”)
    • Multiplayer - Fixed a case where a close finish between two players with latency (ping) higher than the gap between their cars would result in one of them not registering the race finish and allowed one more lap.
    • AI - Further improved spatial awareness
    • AI - AI cars now embark varying amount of fuel in practice and qualify sessions.
    • AI - Improved their pitstop strategy decisions (starting fuel, number of stops)
    • AI - AI drivers now have a random performance factor to avoid having always the same AI’s winning most championships.
    • AI - Nordschleife Tourist AI cars finishing a lap now longer remain idle in the parking area.
    • Thrustmaster - Updated API version / Added support for leds and automated the fetching of the wheel range
    • Removed the Pitstop cancel button if the player is in the pitlane to prevent mistakes.
    • Pit menu navigation - “Menu Up” and “Menu Down” commands no longer wrap vertically
    • Further improved performance when changing values on the car setup screen.

    Sons, physique & Intelligence artificielle : 


    • Porsche 911 GT3 R - External sounds improvements
    • Porsche Cayman GT4 CS - Reduced lift off oversteer (engine braking)
    • GTR3 Car class - BOP adjustments. Leaderboards were cleared.
    • WTCC 16/17 - More stability in the rear, reduced braking power. Also reduced the domination of Citroen by AI.
    • Audi TT cup - AI has been slowed down
    • Ford GT1 - Gearbox is now properly marked as sequential
    • Saleen S7R - Gearbox is now properly marked as sequential
    • Formula RaceRoom 2 - Now has a maximum steerlock
    • Zandvoort - AI strength adjusted

    Art : 


    • Chevrolet Daytona Prototype - Fixed a very bright cockpit when looking at a certain LOD level of the car
    • Porsche 991 GT3 Cup - Fixed missing labels / texture on the steering wheel

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