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Les Studios Reiza viennent de mettre à disposition une nouvelle version d'Automobilista !


Au programme des modifications les plus remarquables (voir ci-dessous pour la liste complète), des améliorations graphiques et du système physique de détection des collisions.

Automobilista version 0.9.4 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :


Fixed UI bug that could cause game to crash when clicking to exit it
Adjusted shaders & environment RGB settings for some lighting & color accuracy improvements
Adjusted AI slip reaction (improving reaction to front wheel grip loss)
Slightly improved collision detection & reaction (also slightly improves AI awareness to other cars)
Corrected TV Cockpit camera orientation rate in several cars
Fixed error which caused dust smoke from the dirt side of the road to be almost invisible (might actually resolve some performance / stuttering issues too)
Fixed bug with Salvador & Ribeirão dynamic road conditions not working
DynHUD: TelemetryInfo.mLapDistance is zeroed before crossing S/F line in a race session; Fixed NPE in LaptimesRecorder
Further tweaking to AI behavior to tone down aggression in close racing conditions (does not apply to mod cars or tracks unless these use the same AIW values)
Corrected AI qualifying performance in several tracks (were missing the ratio parameter that makes AI slightly faster in qualify)
VIR: Tweaked road spec and changed event dates, updated skies accordingly
Spielberg (all versions): Shot down misplaced birds
Boxer Cup: LOD optimization; corrected skin alpha channels; calibrated AI performance; tweaked default Setup & tire physics
F-Extreme: Fixed bug with DRS flap opening not being visible; Fixed visibility of driver arms in T-Cam; Corrected wheel mount position & RPM leds; Set minimal weight to 702kg as per 2015 rules
adjusted weight distribution & tire physics
-Reiza: Adjusted tire physics; Corrected wheel mount position & RPM LEDs
F-V10: Adjusted traction control scale levels
F-3: Corrected onboard cameras
Opalas: Fixed shift light not working

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