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La version 2.0 du Mod Corvette C7.R est maintenant disponible pour rFactor 2 !

rFactor 2 Mod Corvette C7.R 2.0 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :


-updated suspension geometry
-added TC options in tuning menu
-fixed minot pit timing issues
-updated damage sensitivity
-updated ultra flex (chassis flex)
-all new revised aero with new data
-updated default setup
-new steering system added
-added some more precise setup options
-Added 6 sets of new CPM tires (4 slicks, 1 inter, 1 rain) : s6 and s7 medium tire for double stints with different heating characteristics, s8 hard compound for tripple stints, s9 1h compound on medium tire performance.
-revised brakes and cooling
-some minor changes to engine damage

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