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Une nouvelle version (0.81) du Mod Group C pour rFactor 2 est maintenant disponible !


Au programme, l'amélioration des physiques et des sons pour la Porsche et la Mazda mais pas que cela...


Bons tests à vous !

rFactor Mod Group C 0.81 disponible !
rFactor Mod Group C 0.81 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :


Fixed skinning not working with raw files, remake the folder again and it will now work.
Graphical updates and fixes.
Class names corrected.
UI Menu pics redone.
Physics Updates
Mod Manual updated, please read.

Both Cars

Sounds Updated.
Revised suspension geometry.
Front downforce now has two positions. A new low downforce setting for high speed tracks with previous drag and a second setting with almost the original downforce level but with more drag than before. All this makes the cars more balanced in all types of tracks.
Cars bottoming solved.
Tyre wear and heating revised.
Engine heat revised.


Increased torque curve at low RPM to work better with the turbo engagement. The rear of the car is now more loose and this helps to make tyre wear more balanced (previously the front tyres used to wear too fast).


Now there are two boost settings as in real life. Save and Fast. Save setting cuts 500 RPM from the engine keeping the previous fuel usage. Fast setting gives all the previous RPM range and power but uses 8% more fuel.

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