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C'est Noël ! L'équipe de Modding Enduracers vient de mettre à disposition le très attendu Mod Flat 6 Series pour rFactor 2 !


A télécharger de toute urgence !

Caractéristiques (en anglais) :


Graphics : High fidelity 3D model, with high definition cockpit.
Graphics : 50 paints shemes inspired from the real cars.
Graphics : Highly improved car materials, live reflections, dynamic lightnings and shadings.
Graphics : Animated car driver, with high definition 3D Helmet.
Graphics : Car details with backfire, headlights with Some1 lens flares shaders.
Physics : Accurate car physics, created in collaboration with Gentlemen Racers physics team, with help from real teams and drivers.
Physics : New rF2 deformable tire model, without CPM (still in development).
Physics : Ultra chassis technology.
Physics : Aero updated to match to rF2 improvements.
Physics : FFB adjustment to match to rF2 engine.
Physics : Suspension geometry improved.
Physics : Rain tires.
Sounds : Accurate and detailed sounds.
Sounds : Up to date rF2 sounds features.

Helpful Information

The Flat6 Series has no blip, you need to make heals/toes technique on braking/down shifting phases.
The Flat6 series has to be driven with degressive braking technics like in real race cars.
The Flat6 Series has no driving help (NO ABS, NO Traction Control). They are disabled in the mod.
The cars has been beta tested on several hardware and driving wheels brands (Logitech G25/27/DFGT, Thrustmaster T300/T500, Fanatec ClubSport) and is calibrated to work with all.
If needed you can adjust FFB power using the FFB Upgrade in game tuning options of the car.

The Car

Engine: 3,797 cc; stroke 76.4 mm; bore 102.7 mm diameter.
Power: 450 hp at 7,500 rpm.
Max RPM: 8,500 rpm
Gearbox: Six-speed sequential dog-type gearbox (G97/63) with active oil cooling and pressure-oil lubrication.
Brakes: Aluminium six-piston calipers, in red at front, 380mm. Aluminium four-piston calipers, in red at rear, 355mm.
Suspension: McPherson strut-type axle, height-adjustable.
Tank capacity: 100 Liters.
Weight: 1160 kg.

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Bonjour,<br /> <br /> J'aimerai savoir si l'installation d'un tel mod engendre un exécutable ?..Ou on repart de sa version Steam et son Ex d'origine ?..Parce-que le dernier mod que j'ai mis engendre un EX et me demande mon identifiant et mot de passe et ça ne marche pas...Merci et bonnes fêtes !<br /> <br /> Xib
Ok merci
Salut<br /> <br /> Non pas d'exécutable<br /> <br /> On l'installe comme on installait les mods avant Steam : en plaçant les composants dans le dossier des Packages...

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