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Image Space Incorporated viennent de mettre à jour une nouvelle version (1.6) de la Formula ISI pour rFactor 2 !


Au programme, entre autres, l'amélioration des physiques et des pneumatiques.

rFactor 2 : Formula ISI 1.6 disponible !
rFactor 2 : Formula ISI 1.6 disponible !
rFactor 2 : Formula ISI 1.6 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :


- Tyre Tweaks.
– AI cut corners less.
– Downforce slightly increased (about 3+%).
– FISI tweaked engine (770hp).
– New drivetrain inertia calculations.
– New moving fuel tank CG (lower as fuel depletes, requires B1038+)
– Rear flap auto-close options in tuning page.
– Alternative steering ratio adjustment in tuning options (method selected as default).
– Faster pit times for tyre changes.
– Reduced max toe angles.
– Minor setup tweaks.
– Minor chassis tweaks, including better unsprung masses.
– New steering system.
– Recalculated brake system, including reduced brake bias adjustability range.
– .75kg fuel steps now (near enough to 1L)
– Removed redundant class filter from .veh files “ISI_FM02″
– Tyres updated to use CPM, including wet tyre improvements.
– Moved to Ultrachassis (which includes proper working chassis flex, DOF improvements, additional compliance’s, and quicker (more direct) steering).
– AI correlation tweaks.
– Placed pushrods near upright to decrease inaccurate ‘degressive rates’.
– Tiny Aero tweaks. Including very slight reduction to turbulent air.
– Latest sound attenuation tweaks.
– Slight optimization to LOD distances.
– Some additional newer tracks added to trackconfigs.ini

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