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MAK Corp vient de mettre à disposition une nouvelle version (0.88) du Mod Group C pour rFactor 2 !


La mise à jour comporte des améliorations physiques pour la Mazda 787B ainsi que pour la Porsche 962C.

rFactor 2 Mod Group C 0.80 disponible !
rFactor 2 Mod Group C 0.80 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :


Porsche 962C

ADDED: New Torque Curve for each engine. More Torque at low RPM and power peak at lower RPM to make the engines more “Porsche”
CHANGED: Engines use a bit less fuel
CHANGED: Small increase on brake power
CHANGED: Headlight flicker reduced but remains for now as the only way to stop it is to increase near cam clip distance which when changed to fix flickering, clips the cockpit, so not useable.
FIXED: Manual clutch torque

Mazda 787B

CHANGED: Small physics adjustments
CHANGED: Drag adjustment
CHANGED: Small decrease on brake power
CHANGED: Downshift sound modified/removed when using manual clutch
FIXED: Manual clutch torque

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