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Une nouvelle version (0.99) du circuit Longford 1967 est maintenant disponible pour rFactor 2 !

La longue liste des modifications (en anglais) :

|===============CHANGE LOG===============|
|======What is new in this version?======|
+@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ V0.99 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+
– Road: Slight changes to road surface before pub, including what appears to be a pot hole filling, as recently noticed in ref material, and repair patch at begining of yellow pitlane line.
– Road: Changes to road materials and specular masks.
– Road Decals: Some small material and texture changes (higher res).
– Control Tower: Some renovations to the rear of the tower, reconfiguration of scaffolding, addition of external doorknobs, addition of floodlights, and some basic interior fitout.
– Control Tower: Reworked/new textures and materials as a result of above mesh updates.
– Control Tower: Added small custom “wind” animation to awnings (it’s not great, but it’s something).
– Control Tower: Added working clock.
– Pits: Fixed an unnoticed mapping error causing broken lighting reactions, and updated sponsor signs with some new fictional advertising and updated textures and material settings.
– Pits: Replaced names of real drivers, teams, cars (to avoid potential legal troubles).
– Foot Bridge: Reworking of stairs, some slight extra mesh detailing, mapping changes reducing absolute texture size, and removal of fake shadow caster (visible mesh now casts shadow).
– Tram/Police Centre: Small update to texture and material.
– Food Stall/Toilets: Small update to textures and material.
– Bleachers: New highpoly model with new texture (old model still used for lower detail levels).
– Spectator Cars: Retoned paint colours and removed some details from textures to make the cars less specific.
– Spectator Cars: Corrected a mesh error that had appeared on some station wagons.
– Pub: Some small mesh, mapping, and texture changes.
– Pump Station: Upgraded pump station building (driver’s right after King’s Bridge) with more mesh detail, new textures, and new material.
– Houses: Upgraded house models with more polygons and new textures.
– Houses: Some changes to house distribution based on reference photos.
– House Fences: Small updates to the front fences of some houses, as well as brand new white picket fence after rail crossing.
– Kerbs/Gutters: Increased mesh density for smoothing hard edges.
– Gutter/Footpath: Remade and extended gutter/footpath on the left side of the beginning of Tannery Straight (in the town).
– Driveway Thresholds: Added concrete ramps over gutter to footpath.
– Haybales: Welded and smoothed bales (they look a bit better and a bit worse now – different… just different)
– Fences: Some small changes to textures and materials of timber plank fences.
– Railway Crossing Signs: Higher poly meshes with new textures and material.
– Railway Signal Tower: Higher poly mesh with new textures and material.
– Sponsor Tower Signs: New meshes and textures for global oil company sponsor signs.
– Sponsor Signs and Banners: Replaced most real-world tradenames and imagery with fictional alternatives.
– Sponsor Signs and Banners: Have aquired approval to use some registered tradenames and branding from the real-life events.
– Sponsor Signs and Banners: Moved and rescaled (smaller) red cola sign at viaduct, based on photo reference.
– Starting Lights: Fixed material animation error and changed sequence to single red light, then green light.
– AIW: All new AIW files due to online grid errors in old version.
– AIW: New AIW may produce faster AI laptimes (have added slight limitation on AI acceleration).
– AIW: Removed “Historic Grid” & “Level Grid” layouts, which were having some grid troubles.
– AIW: Changed (due to congestion) garage/pit/grid capacity to 36/12/36, down from 42/13/42.
– AIW: Adjustments to blocking path, aimed at reducing severe blocking on the Flying Mile.
– AIW: Added “Fast_H” fast path for Cobras, which more than any other car were cutting the turn off of Long Bridge.
– AIW: Added “OW3_Fast” path for Skip Barber, which wasn’t handling some slow-down hacks in the main fast path.
– CAM: Moved (lowered) trackside camera in group one due to removal of perch in same location.
– HDR: Adjustments to a number of textures (over 80 different objects) that were excessively clipping against the white point of the new build 948 HDR automation.
– Standardisation: Slight changes to file name structures to match ISI format more closely.
– Optimisation: Some fairly insignificant batching and/or material reduction could improve performance slightly.
– Optimisation: Pit tents and metal fence panels now visable in high/med detail levels, may slightly reduce fps.

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