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Image Space Incorporated vient de mettre à disposition une nouvelle version de la DW12 Indycar pour rFactor 2.


Au programme, des améliorations physiques et graphiques...

rFactor 2 : nouvelle Indycar DW12 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :


Physics / Setup
– Fixed fuel tank capacity.
– Fuel tank position corrected (slightly lower and further forward)
– Allowing both compounds during race.
– Added ‘weight jacker’. Garage only at this time.
– Brand new CPM enabled tyres.
– Better undertray points.
– Better fuel estimation.
– Better ride height ranges and defaults.
– Caster range now 4-10 as per real life.
– Accurate suspension geometry that varies between oval / road course.
– Tyre pressure ranges more realistic (as are defaults)
– Updated trackconfigsbase.ini to have proper layout names for Mountain Peak and newer tracks.
– Minor Turbo error correction.
– Aero corrections for both speedway and road courses. (Main change is more accurate and higher downforce for speedway config)
– Recalculated brake system & restricted brake bias range.
– Improved unsprung masses.
– Added wheelbase options, the primary purpose of which is to adjust the weight distribution. 119″ is ideal for speedways, 120″ may be ok for road courses.
– Increased the weight of the car (was ~missing driver weight).
– Slightly more damage sensitive.
– Increased CG height according to new data.
– More accurate default RC toe angles.
– Increase AI’s grip a touch (road course).
– Recalc’ed and more accurate anti-roll bar rates, ranges.
– Fixed small error on front wing range (now goes up to 32° on RC / SC)
– Slight increase in mid-range torque and also fuel consumption, and attempted improvement for fuel estimate.
– Allowing stiffer springs.
– Now using spool differential (locked axle).
– Increase in chassis flex.
– Min brake ducts now have MUCH less cooling, Max similar.
– Brake Duct drag and lift reduced (so penalty is a little lower).
– Steering system updated.
– Opponent sound attenuation increased (so other cars are slightly less audible).
– Steering ratio corrected (default, options not available yet).
– Very slightly less sensitive to turbulent air, Auto-shift tweak (AI)

– Fix so rotation matches in-game.
– Fixed problem with Alternates showing as Primaries at race start
– air intake gap fixed
– hands animation fixed
– new tyre damage texture
– spinner scene fixed
– Fixed tyre compound visibility in spinner.
– Digits on the steering wheel increased to 5
– Digital Yellow message “Yel” aligned
– Graphics : whole model rescale (+2%),
– Front susp arms corrected.
– Mirrored rear wing back logo (#27 #77)
– Various texture fixes

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