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Image Space Incorporated vient de rendre disponible pour nouvelle version (1.58) du circuit Malaysia Sepang pour rFactor 2 !

rFactor 2 circuit Malaysia Sepang 1.58 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :

Changelog for v1.58s (from v1.43)

Increased road mesh density on South Loop
Added RealRoad tech to curbs
Remapped RaceGroove
Added special sign
Re-conformed painted stripes
Cleaned up and improved road art
Improved road and terrain materials
Improved barrier materials
Improved vegetation textures and materials
Replaced seats with more recent artwork
Removed negative mip map bias on all key materials
Optimized access roads meshes
Optimized fence textures and materials
Optimized shadow casters
Optimized reflections
Optimized terrain materials a little bit
Optimized scene by removing a lot of non-essential objects
Grouped objects for better batching to cure stutters
Fixed about 100 micrographs in terrain
Fixed armco collision glitch
Fixed road mapping
Fixed odd wet patches
Fixed visibility of distance markers
Fixed object popups
Fixed curb reflections due to RealRoad tech (compromise)
Fixed scale of ambulances
AIW improvements
Updated TDF values
Removed Legacy HDR Profile

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