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Les studios Reiza viennent de réaliser une mise à jour (1.31) pour Game Stock Car Extreme !


Au programme, pas de nouveaux contenus, mais des corrections et des améliorations que vous pourrez retrouver ci-dessous.

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :


Added updated terrain + shaders for Salvador & Londrina;
Fixed AI trying to drive through pit building in first few pit boxes when exiting at Johannesburg Historic;
Added Diffuse Alpha Spec Normal Map Shadow Map shader;
Adjusted MR18 aero yaw sensitivity & engine torque in the low range;
Adjusted longitudinal load sensitivity of front tyres in several cars (helps preventing excessive locking up of the inside wheel);
Fixed an error in Marcas differential settings & added option for refuelling
Recallibrated AI performance in F-Reiza & F-Extreme to the latest aero revisions
Owners can update their simulation via Steam, GSC Sync or by downloading the update package below.

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