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La nouvelle version du Mod FIA GT3 pour rFactor 2 est maintenant disponibles !


On peut noter à cette occasion l'introduction de la 799 RGT3 et de la corvette Z06.

rFactor 2 Mod FIA GT3 0.88 disponible !

Liste des modifications (en anglais) :


- added the 799 RGT3 and corvette Z06 , those two cars are converted model of our rfactor1 mod ,so 3d models are of lower quality compared to SLS.
- sounds for 799 RGT3 are actually quite good. With Vette, they are unfortunatelly a bit worse. We are looking for better sources for samples.
- all cars have updated tyres,
- by default, gear ratios are locked to homologated pairs but we included an upgrade which unlocks all available ratios,
- steering lock is locked but for people with wheels with rotation range of 270 degrees and lower, we provided an upgrade allowing to set steering lock between 10 and 14 degrees in 0.1 deg. steps by steps.
- engine heating and other “minor” things are not yet updated,
- AI tyres are also updated, but we still don’t like 799R, at least not as much as Corvette or SLS.
- updated sls sfx file (thanks Valter Cardoso and Jamezinho )
- 799R has rather high default camber and right now it doesn’t work well so we suggest you to lower it (to less negative), almost to minimum actually.
I think, range -2.5 to -3.0 front and -2.0 to -2.5 degrees rear works the best right now.

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pour ma part, j ai un gros soucis de camera avec ce mod, le son de la sls est fantastique mais impossible de reculer et je reste sur un gros zoom volant
pourtant les videos sur youtube ne montre pas cela
et vous ?
Salut J'avais le même souci au début. J'ai ajusté mon FOV et c'était réglé

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