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Cela était prévu depuis l'annonce du partenariat avec BMW et Slighty Mad Studio, la première version de la BMW 1M Coupé est enfin disponible sur pCars avec la build B678 sortie hier.


Cette petite 1M disposait d'un 6 Cylindres en ligne de 340 Chevaux (le même que la Z4 35is) et elle arrivait à suivre une M3 E92, disposant d'un V8 de 420 Chevaux.


Elle a été désignée Meilleure Voiture de 2011 par Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear) mais BMW a souhaité arrêter la production un an après sa commercialisation, annulant par l'occasion les derniers bons de commande.

Pour information, voici le contenu de la dernière build (en anglais) :


Build 678 (07/03/14, Junior Member+) - 466.6 MB
* XB1: Fix car windscreen corruption when in cockpit/helmet views : marting
* XB1: Flush write combining buffers before constant setting : marting
* XB1: Fix some compile errors on old XDK : marting
* PS4: Update to SDK1.610. Adds lwconstantupdate engine, replaces LCUE beta.
* Excluded new PS4 files for XboxOne
* Fix ambient shadow and projected texture (lighting) shaders
* Fix for potential camera fade compile error spotted
* Test "fix" for Fences flickering.
* Fixed race overview screen to update lap times correctly
* Added checks for missing pit out trigger, pit out trigger not on track, pit spots missing, pit path missing and don't switch to AI control in pit lane if any test fails
* Adding the GUI Handler and selection mechanisms for Review First Contract screen where you can select a discipline.
* Events system rework (WIP): Changed events/competitions API so it's easier to extend with more properties in the future. The App layers are now notified when the events list is complete. Events that should not be available in this build are now correctly removed from the list. Added new event properties (not supported by the GUI fully yet): everlasting events, auto TT events, version-limited events. Changed all stats & events sources to compile only when building Aries.
* Host can now change track and bypass the voting system in the main menu.
* Motorsport is now selected (and saved) after selecting one from the AcceptFirstOffer screen then signing a contract (only shown if an entry-level contract exists). Note that only FormulaC and Kart have entry-level contracts to allow signing for now, the others throw you back to the selection screen for now. Updated some of the team/contract info for better display : stuart
* ReviewContract screen now generates and allows the player to accept an entry-level contract (test one for now). UI objects updated with team and contract info (pitch text needs string substitutions)
* Career teams updated with location info. Bellflex team updated for contract display testing
* Career TextDB updated with pitch, signoff and country textIDs for career contract display
* Career Contracts: Entry contracts for GT4 and GT3 added.
* Career Championships: GT4 UK Trophy - First release, series added to Calendar and TextDB. GUI strings updated to show GT disciplines for GT events.
* FA graining test tire
* Engine stall/bump start and clutch and turbo tweaks, new brake fade tech on several cars.
* Yirotires Racing: Updated white lettering and fixed minor materials bugs
* BMW 1M: First export, tweaked orange paint colour, added DDS textures, added srcdata/runtime files
* BAC Mono: Removed missing material temporarily from RCF files, added standard solid paint colors, license plate and removed 'Mono' text from GUI icon, added license plate and factory paint colors, added missing new paint and carbon materials
* RUF RGT8: Ultra file initial checkin, LODA/B/C/D and CPIT meshes done
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Ultra file fixed
* Ford Mustang Boss: Fixed BBS badge on wheels, changed tire wall textures, changed tirewall textures, fixed BBS badges on rims
* Sauber C9: No changes, just adding placeholder X export to avoid build problems.
* Mercedes SLS GT3: WIP on LODs, LODC and D done, WIP CPIT
* US Tracks: Textures for US Fire tanker.
* Track specific gravel texture added
* Loire: Adjusted collision walls, merged in latest from Tomas and Jan, started fixing issues on tarmac colors, track marking lines in pit and adding missing colored tarmac areas, once Tomas has opened all the garages Doug should be able to redo the AIW and by this avoiding the cut track warning and proper pit garage, once Tomas has opened all the garages Doug should be able to redo the AIW and by this avoiding the cut track warning and proper pit garage
Known issues:
- Replays in MP: Not working as they should
- P2P Tracks: Don't press return to pitbox
-The following tracks have some issues and require you to press Ctrl+I in order to be able to drive in free practice: Azure Circuit, Belgium Kart Forest, Belgium Historic, Concord, Harrison Pike, Heusden, Jin Ding, Memphis, Moravia, Solitude, Volusia

Source : Forum pCars

Vidéo : MotoGamesTV


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> Site officiel (en anglais)

> Présentation du projet

> Le fil de l'actualité Project CARS sur The Racing Line


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